Tommy Wong

Tommy Ho-Chi Wong, a low-profiled musician, started his music adventure while learning to play guitar from his roommate when studying abroad. After graduating from university, he was engaged in white-collar work while forming a band and composing songs in his spare time. Later, he provided music and commercial performances for small art works and concerts.

As Tommy had never received orthodox music training, in 2005, he attended the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London and received a Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance (Guitar). Within months, he signed an artist development contract with a London-based production company after auditioning for the role of guitarist in the house band. From then on, he had been constantly performing around London and learning his trades in studio.

In 2008, he returned to Hong Kong and gradually established his personal recording studio. He has underscored for video and films, including the production diary of the movie “Ip Man”, the trailer and action scenes for the movie “May We Chat”. His work can also be heard on TV and records as he took part in the recording of over 70 theme songs and music for TV dramas and programmes by the Television Broadcasts Limited such as “Wonder Women”, “My Unfair Lady”, “Oh My Grad”, “Come Home Love 2”, “Own Sweet Home”.

Apart from show business, his work reaches to different sectors of the society, including the production of theme songs for “Hong Kong Observatory”, “Zhongshan CBD”, corporate video of “Asia One Communications Group”, underscore for opening performances at major events organised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and “Hong Kong Sevens”.

His ability to compose and perform a wide range of music styles also opens opportunities for him to be involved in theatre projects, musicals and concerts. He was the Associate Musical Director for ” Steven Ma Dream Big Concert 2019″ and the Assistant Musical Director for “Prison de Ballet”. As a guitarist, he played in concerts, including “Moov Live” and “Busking Winter Special”, for artists such as Albert Au, Ruth Chen, Samantha Lam, Leo Ku, Maggie Fu, Candy Lo, Louis Cheung, Endy Chow, Kandy Wong, Kayee Tam.

In 2014, he started his own company, M4M, which strives to provide high quality Music for Media.